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concealed weapon self protection bag

MIYAD Designs Cross Over Ballistic Holster (COBH)
A combination of a cross over flapped tech bag with a UL 752 level 2 ballistic plate installed inside.

Currently “Patent Pending” the COBH was the idea of a longtime Design Engineer (former VP Engineering for Snap On Tools) and a highly skilled Sheriff’s Deputy specializing in concealed carry of firearms.

Simple, stealth, versatile self-defense & CCW carrying holster & backpack. This unit can be used to protect the user from being shot (a mini shield) or used as in self-defense to strike an aggressor on their body (a surprise battering tool).

self protection bag

The Cross Over Ballistic Holster COBH
Level 2 Internal Ballistic Plate Protection

Simple, stealth, versatile self-defense & CCW carrying holster & backpack.

gun sheilduse to defendgun shield

  • Light weight Cross Over holster/pouch hides contents, creates stealth method of carrying many items including Concealed Hand Gun.
  • Holster can be used to conceal Pepper Spray, Taser Gun, Stun Gun, Animal Repellants, Mace, Kubotans, Pen Knife, Screech Alarm, Whistles, and High Intensity hand held flash light.
  • Custom built in ballistic plate is manufactured to UL 752 Level 2. Manufacturer is certified to manufacturer per UL 752. . The UL752 ballistic plate is custom sized to be fitted within the confines of the Cross over Holster.
  • MIYAD Designs fully tested firing .45 ACP. .357 Mag, 9MM & .22 High Velocity LR into the COBH, not one shot passed through the ballistic plate
  • Designed for maximum safety, protection and cost savings to the user.

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